Kyle Heath

Kyle Heath is the Founder and CEO of BtheB Technologies LLC, based out of Bradenton, FL. Early on in life, Kyle Heath gained an interest in the performing arts, creating, writing, designing, teamwork/open collaboration. Kyle has experienced many triumphs, failures, and embraced countless life lessons along the way. Kyle also has over twenty years in sales, marketing, performance arts, mechanical engineering, and studio sound engineering. He and his wife also raised three girls along the way. Mr. Heath is a firm believer in Esse Quam Videri. Meaning “to be rather than to seem.”

Throughout his life, Mr. Heath has carried that belief with him and applied that to every endeavor sought out along the way. Hence the name of his holding company, BtheB Technologies. Although Mr. Heath is an only child, that has not compromised his level of spirit for always competing at the highest level possible. Whether that is while playing a round of golf, fantasy football, darts, euchre, racquetball, volleyball, or professional video hockey, it’s always game on!

Mr. Heath is a firm believer in the saying, “you get out what you put in, get better every single day. Kyle will continuously execute and deliver on what he practices. That is to be ambitious, always motivate not to mitigate, make lives want reality, and understand that I create what I imagine.

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