Q&A w/Kyle & Jenn Alton

Jenn: Tell me about BtheB Technologies. I know it is a holding company, but for what purposes, why, and for whom?

Kyle: Yes, BtheB Technologies is a holding company. At the current time, I have ten brands under BtheB Technologies. They are TTFN, which is ta ta for now, An Angry Be Productions, Bag Buddy Cart by Val, Population Zero, Live Pulse Records, Defamation of Character, Aug Car, Headful House, 21st Century Smart Cart and Shark Boy Swag. The purpose of BtheB is to bring people out of the shadows, and that may have some great entrepreneurial ideas and potential, but that they are not quite sure how to go about vetting out those ideas properly. That is where BtheB comes in, and that is where I can help. The whom, whomever, can come to BtheB with an idea, concept, or design that they want to take to the next level. I can help.

Jenn: I understand that although you have ten different brands under BtheB, none of them are alike. Is that correct?

Kyle: Yes, that is correct. TTFN is a mobile application for business and consumers. This is a virtual connective communication application that is set to launch in March of 2021. Bag Buddy Cart by Val is a very mobile, foldable, lightweight, and all-terrain shopping cart. That product launch in early January of 2021. Shark Boy Swag is a brand that continues to evolve. The brand is led by Mike Healy out of Bradenton, FL, and Mike is a certified diver that spends most of his time diving off the Gulf and Atlantic coast. You can find more on Mike and his adventures by clicking on our products tab.

Jenn: What is next, and can anyone build their own brand under BtheB Technologies?

Kyle: What is next is really getting legs under TTFN. That application has all the features and flavor to go viral and become a stationary application on any individual that carries a smartphone. As for who can set up their own brand under BtheB, that is up to the people. BtheB is the platform for individuals who want to find a safe place to create, share, take a concept to full build and launch; this is the site where it all begins.

On a separate note, I wish that a site or holding company like BtheB existed when I started creating concepts in 2013. At that time, I was all in on Augmented reality. I had an idea and partial design where you could put a piece of paper in your driveway. You hold your smartphone or tablet up to the paper (with a target image already embedded in the design), step back and see a full-size vehicle. A car appears in AR form but in the actual size of the vehicle. That could have been a big launch back in 2013. Still, I could not gain any traction or support either within the tech company I worked for at that time or from any other outside source that had the means to make this happen.

Jenn: Thank you for taking us through that window and into more of what is BtheB. Can you be even more specific about who can work with the BtheB team and how that can occur?

Kyle: Sure, Jenn, not a problem. To address your question about who can work with BtheB. That all depends on the individual with his/her own idea, concept, design and whether that individual needs the help necessary to thoroughly bake and then launch their idea. This is a “soup to nuts” way to work together.

You can make a connection with BtheB directly through my site, or you can make a reach to me via LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/company/37490431/ or make a reach to me on Face Book at https://www.facebook.com/jktatafornow/

The only thing that I ask is that you please come to the table with an idea or concept that is original or not that common. If it is the case that your idea is not 100% authentic and the view you want to pitch is in existence today. Still, and if you can provide me with a better use case, end-user experience, then let us communicate. The individual must have done all the necessary homework in advance of us having a formal 1:1 consultation. Before I targeted a team to work with on my TTFN initiative, I had already done my homework on the product value. I understood the competitive landscape, market value, growth analytics, take rate vs. churn, and so on. I was not about to bootstrap the TTFN solution without first knowing that I even had a chance to get lift under my solution after launch. Now I know that can happen, I know how it will happen, and have the team carry my idea across the goal line. That is where BtheB comes in to help, but you just simply need to have a sustainable plan in place.

Jenn: Thank you for clearing that piece up. This is a fantastic idea and offering to those not quite sure how to go about taking a concept and making that into a reality.

Kyle: My pleasure, and I am more than happy to help.

Jenn: What else can we expect from BtheB in the coming months, besides the launch of TTFN?

Kyle: Great question. For me, it is getting lift-off on all the projects that I have on my plate now. As for the future, that really depends.

Jenn: What does the future depend on?

Kyle: Whether there is a practical need for a company like BtheB to help others with great concepts and designs. If I am approached by a few or many people who want help in this area, my focus will help them fulfill their dream.

Jenn: That is quite a task to undertake, and it is very nice that you are open and up for the challenge. But what if there is not any outside interest from other designers or idea creators?

Kyle: Well, I tried, and I will leave it at that. What would happen next in this case is, I pour my time and focus on the remaining concepts I have designed over the last eight-years.

Jenn: Any hint into what those designs or concepts are?

Kyle: Nope, no hint, but I have vetted out all remaining concepts/designs and know that they have a place within the market today. More to come on that, but I will say that none of these concepts or designs have anything to do with mobile application development.

Jenn: Thank you for your time today, and I wish you much success going forward.

Kyle: Thank you, Jenn.

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