– The Idea Explained


2020 has been a bitch of a year for most of us, myself included. For me, 2020 did not open any new job opportunities. So, I decided to start my own company. Pushing away from the corporate lifestyle and moving to a sole proprietorship. In 2017, I began designing a new way to remove business cards from everyday use as they are typically useless. But this is still a very wealthy $1.2b industry that generates over 10b/+ static business cards each year, removing over 2 million trees from our planet during the process. Yeah, that in itself sucks, and considering that 88% of business cards get tossed into the garbage before ever being read.

Well, the problem is solved, and welcome to the 21st Century of contact and communication exchange. Welcome to ttfn.

The new TTFN (ta ta for now) consumer mobile application will provide subscribers of all ages/demographics a chance to consolidate six of the top social media applications and one payment option into one app. You will also set the end-user app. exchange preferences that specifically allow what information can be transmitted by way of a device-to-device QR code scan.

But we are humans and creatures of habit, so; we go with what we know. But why do that and with the technology we have in place today? So, I finally put the last brush strokes on my new mobile applications with the ambition to connect people in a perpetual QR code-driven way—the new future of communique exchange.

In today’s society, we are all learning how to make the best of working, playing, talking, Etc., in a virtual way. My ttfn application fits the new working model by allowing subscribers the opportunity to exchange contact information virtually and from anywhere in the world. Making the exchange of information much more seamless, personal, and shielding at the same time.

After choosing which ttfn application profile you have selected to exchange with another subscriber or soon-to-be subscriber, that information exchange is now a perpetual experience for both subscribers who utilize the ttfn application. There will also be a “ghost” or “alias” option that a subscriber can send to another smartphone, but in sending their information, it is nothing more than a made-up first/last name and phone number. As each subscriber makes any changes/updates to any user profiles, data refreshes will occur every 24-hours. We are ensuring that all of your contacts are always up to date. No matter how long you go without interacting with any one of your contacts. The subscriber will also be able to upload all existing connections to their ttfn application.

Anyone that the new ttfn subscriber chooses to send a text to about ttfn can do so via SMS, and you will share your ttfn connection with one or many more of your existing contacts. In other words, “Heads up,” I have this killer new app. called ttfn, and so, should you so, click on the link and subscribe. At this point, your perpetual experience has made it over to a few, a lot, hundreds of contacts.

If my post makes it past the gatekeepers, I hope to receive feedback regarding my 2021 and beyond-initiative. My business is set up and designed to bridge communication gaps, expand on how we communicate, become more effective at networking, more effective humans, better humans, trying to save 2m trees from being cut down for no rational purpose. We have a sense, we have a calling, and we now have a much cleaner way to communicate.

Thank you for your time, and please welcome ttfn into your collection of apps in 2021.

– The Idea Explained

09 Problems & Solutions

Welcome to the 21st Century. I am introducing a new innovative and infinite way to break down all communication barriers through the TTFN consumer and business edition mobile applications.

Beginning with a 600-year-old form of communicating that is still in place today and without any technical changes to a static way of doing business.




Social Distancing due to COVID-19

Virtual Communication either by way of live web calls or point to point virtual connections.


Not being able to conduct as many meetings in person or conduct any meetings in person at all.

Virtual connects with your prospect by way of a QR code-sender to receiver virtual mobile app connection and allows for your opportunity to instantly access your calendar and send you a meeting invite for an in-person, conference call, or video call.


Business cards are ineffective, yet this is a $1.2b a year industry. Is this just a case of humans falling into a state of complacency?

YOU, DO NOT NEED BUSINESS CARDS. RESIST THE URGE. You are wasting your money and time. You need the TTFN mobile application, business edition. Your perpetual business card to update and exchange at anytime, anywhere, and with anyone.


I am a business owner, and I’m not too fond of the constant barrage of information sent over to me by my business rep. Most of which I do not have time to read. I want a way to click on a piece of information that is important to me when I have a minute to review and without any aggravations.

The TTFN business edition exchange of information will provide you with what you need in one simple virtual exchange of information. As a business owner or key decision-maker, you are now in full control of information intake, and you can consume as much or as little of your vendors’ information as you want to. Oh yeah, you also have access to your representative’s calendar. So, you set up the next meeting on your time and without the barrage of email, meeting requests that you are receiving today. Now that is a nice feature, and you are in the driver’s seat all along the way.


I have at least 500-1k business cards lying around my office. Same with my Rolodex, my card portfolio, my file drawer, my jacket, my suit pocket, under the couch cushions, my bed, my dresser drawer, and anywhere else that I can place useless information.

With your TTFN application, you will be able to scan your collection of business cards and keep them in the static form on your device. Or you have the option to invite your business card contacts to the TTFN application, and your static business card collection can now become newly acquired infinite connections. Now you are decluttering your workspace by going with a 100% virtual option.


Business cards are outdated and useless. There has to be a better way to exchange information.

Download my TTFN (short for ta ta for now) mobile application and replace your 15th Century way of communication with a 21st Century virtual mobile business application. Connect with anyone, anywhere at any time.


Business cards are not only ineffective, but they contain static information.

Download the TTFN business or consumer edition application. Your card will be updatable as often as you want to make any changes, and your information and contact information will be infinite. Is this beginning to make sense now?


Is that 88% of business cards are usually just thrown away, so what’s the point?

That is a very accurate and validated fact but then why are you still ordering paper business cards? You’re all in one be all end all solution is the TTFN business mobile app. The power of information and exchange of that information is ready to share in seconds. Or, order your business cards, wait a week or two for delivery and plead that they come in with your accurate information. Oh yeah, that same precise information could change in a week, month, or a few months, but it will change, and your cycle will begin all over again. Um, what’s the point in all of this?


We have so much waste in the world already. How can we change this pattern?

Download the TTFN business edition or consumer mobile application, and you are now taking part in a Go Green initiative. You are also one individual trying to save over 2 million trees from being cut down to feed the business card machine each year. Remember that 88% of those trees are cut down and then tossed into the garbage.

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