Mike Healy

Mike’s Mission

Mike is a certified scuba diver and the owner of Shark Boy Swag. Did you know that 71% of our planet is enveloped by water? Most water in Earth’s atmosphere and the crust comes from the World Ocean’s saline seawater, while freshwater accounts for nearly 1% of the total. An estimated 1.5 to 11 times the amount of water in the oceans can reside hundreds of kilometers deep within the Earth’s interior, although not in liquid form.

Fast but not Fun Fact about OUR Oceans:

Each year, humans dump over eight million pieces of plastic into our oceans. Our dire situation’s stark reality is that 300 million tons of garbage are tossed into the sea annually – which is equivalent to dumping a garbage truck (1 ton) of plastic into the ocean per minute. Which sucks, but those are the facts.

You know those crab legs you enjoy when you have a nice dinner at your local seafood restaurant? Or that escargot you splurge on every once in a while? Or even that tilapia you regularly cook for dinner? And don’t forget the tuna sandwiches you take for lunch. Well, what I have to say next sucks for you and will put quite a damper on your future dining plans unless you do your part now and act accordingly.

Shortly, all of it will be more plastic than food as the years pass. Fish eat the plastic we divulge into the ocean.

So guess what? By 2050, you’ll be eating plastic every time you order seafood. So, maybe you want to help out now and do your part. What is your interest.? You can start by downloading the TTFN application. The opportunity that is right in front of you is the best case of quid pro quo around. You download the TTFN and win, and by downloading the TTFN, 5% of TTFN’s annual proceeds will go towards a North American clean water society movement.

Mike will continue diving for the greater good of sustaining my Shark Boy Swag business, but while he is diving, Mike will also dedicate my time to cleaning up any debris on the bottom of the ocean. It is up to us all to do our part. Please aid in keeping our oceans clean.

Watch Mike Healy finding his Shark teeth; what happens next.

Learn more about ocean clean-up initiative by Mike, aka-“Cleaner Oceans for Us All initiative.”

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