– The Idea Explained


2020 has been a bitch of a year for most of us, myself included. For me, 2020 did not open any new job opportunities. So, I decided to start my own company. Pushing away from the corporate lifestyle and moving to a sole proprietorship. In 2017, I began designing a new way to remove business cards from everyday use as they are typically useless. But this is still a very wealthy $1.2b industry that generates over 10b/+ static business cards each year, removing over 2 million trees from our planet during the process. Yeah, that in itself sucks, and considering that 88% of business cards get tossed into the garbage before ever being read.

Well, the problem is solved, and welcome to the 21st Century of contact and communication exchange. Welcome to ttfn.

The new TTFN (ta ta for now) consumer mobile application will provide subscribers of all ages/demographics a chance to consolidate six of the top social media applications and one payment option into one app. You will also set the end-user app. exchange preferences that specifically allow what information can be transmitted by way of a device-to-device QR code scan.

But we are humans and creatures of habit, so; we go with what we know. But why do that and with the technology we have in place today? So, I finally put the last brush strokes on my new mobile applications with the ambition to connect people in a perpetual QR code-driven way—the new future of communique exchange.

In today’s society, we are all learning how to make the best of working, playing, talking, Etc., in a virtual way. My ttfn application fits the new working model by allowing subscribers the opportunity to exchange contact information virtually and from anywhere in the world. Making the exchange of information much more seamless, personal, and shielding at the same time.

After choosing which ttfn application profile you have selected to exchange with another subscriber or soon-to-be subscriber, that information exchange is now a perpetual experience for both subscribers who utilize the ttfn application. As each subscriber makes any changes/updates to any user profiles, data refreshes will occur every 24-hours. We are ensuring that all of your contacts are always up to date. No matter how long you go without interacting with any one of your contacts. The subscriber will also be able to upload all existing connections to their ttfn application.

Anyone that the new ttfn subscriber chooses to send a text to about ttfn can do so via SMS, and you will share your ttfn connection with one or many more of your existing contacts. In other words, “Heads up,” I have this killer new app. called ttfn, and so, should you so, click on the link and subscribe. At this point, your perpetual experience has made it over to a few, a lot, hundreds of contacts.

My business is set up and designed to bridge communication gaps, expand on how we communicate, become more effective at networking, more effective humans, better humans, trying to save 2m trees from being cut down for no rational purpose. We have a sense, we have a calling, and we now have a much cleaner way to communicate.

Thank you for your time, and please welcome ttfn into your collection of apps in 2021.

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